Art Auction and Selling Website

This webite allows the use to take part in online art auctions. She can also buy art and antiques available for direct sell. The user can express interest in direct dealing of art. The website has a complete CMS system for Admin to manage the content. It has a seperate blogging section which comes with its own admin panel for bloggers. The website is highly scalable and can host upto 100000 on a single server which can be increased by further increasing the servers on the cloud.

Sale Management System

This system allows an organisation to manage leads, prospects , clients. The manager can track his sales staff by montoring the DCR. The employees are given ratings based on their performance as well adherence to the system. Admin can check the entries based on invoices received. The manager have access to a dashboard to monitor metrics such as margins, new v/s repeat business, sales funnel, and more. The system is multi-tenanted i.e. the same code base can be used by multiple organisations with total data isolation.

Organisation Management System

This application allows the employees of the organisation to manage the multiple projects assigned to them. It can manage entire business contacts as well as clients. It provides deep analytics for employee efficiency and productivity. Automatic proposal based on margin % for a project based on projections.

Car Showroom Management System

This is a multi roled project that allows sales staff to generate leads and quotes for consumers. It allows converting the leads into boookings and managing the various aspects such as insurance, Registration, Accessories and Finance. The system is controlled by an administrator that can load data for Vehicles, Discounts and other master modules.

Farm Reasource Management System

The Farm Resourcement Management System allows managment of the different phases of the farms i.e. Land Management, Crop Care, Harvesting and Processing. The different layers of the system are controlled by different roles. The Supervisor controls farms in a limited area while an Area Manager approves the phases acrosss a much larger area. The future versions of the system will support Geo-Mapping and Automated Drip Irrigation

Sales and Inventory Management

The Sales team is able to generate leads and procure Event Management projects. The Design team head is able to assign a project to his staff. Finally, the inventory team is able to get a handle on material required to complete the project. The system also provides an accounting system where the business head can track the payments across various projects and clients

We can help the business owner define his requirements quickly by just initial interview and prototype creation

Our systems take a fraction of time to develop the system hence he saves huge amount of time

As our timelines are short and we have a great deal of reuse, hence we are able to offer our solutions at very cost effective rates

We can quickly create a prototype reflecting his current operations

After looking at the prototype, the business owner can suggest changes to the system making it easier to pin down the requirements

After deployment, the business can track his processes using system reports to gauge the increase in efficiency.

We can quickly create a prototype of his current system.

The business owner can highlight the parts of the system that changed and we can just add/ modify these modules of the system

We can create a prototype of the idea. This is lot more effective than talking about or just documentation

Every time the business pivots, we can rebuild the prototype so that sharing becomes easier each time

We can even create multiple prototypes so that the start-up is able to control which parts of the idea to share with whom.

We can help the startup refine the requirements by prototype creation and review. This allows the startup to get intial market feedback

We can quickly build the product to reduce the time to market

We can just add the modules as required reducing the complexity of the overall product.