This is a tool that allows you to explore and generate your estimate quotes for your next platform. We have tried to make the tool easy to use. To start with you have to enter your contact details. The next page shows a list of services you can choose from. Once a particular service is selected, you will get a series of screen where different aspects of the service can be specified. A help button is provided in case there is a doubt about any of the options. Finally, there is a screen that allows you to specify further details and attach a file for reference. This is can be used to attach an image if you have visualized your platform. To attach multiple files, zip them using a utility like winzip and attach it as a single file. Some of the aspects need selection of multiple options. In this case, you can select these from the selection box provided.

If quotes for multiple platforms are needed, you can go through the process again and select the relevant options.  If you need a service that is not listed, then you can fill our contact form here. and we will get back on the contact details provided.  We also provide pure consultancy services where you can hire us for stages such as requirement analysis, vendor selection and other such pre-implementation services. We can also provide project management services in case you already have a selected vendor and want to outsource the project management or you are currently facing problems in managing the vendor.

Please note that the quote generated is only an initial quote that can change once detailed discussions take place.  This is provided to give you a guideline on the price of the selected service.  The quote does not constitute a legal contract and we are under no legal obligation to implement the services at the estimate provided.

Please enter your details to generate a quote