We provide both consulting as well as developing services for Process Automation Software. Our Consulting work includes requirement gathering and analyzing, Human Resource Gap Analysis. We work on the basis on MPMR( Minimum Pain Maximum Results). 

Computer hardware based Organization

Its more than 30 years old organization dealing with Sales,  repairs and rental of computer hardware products. Due to the age of the business, they were managing with excel files of various flavors and formats. We designed and created an integrated system that can manage both the old processes as well as manage new business lines. The System was also expanded to employees of  major clients so that the entire work flows can be managed seamlessly. Total number of users on the system exceeded 100,000.


Service Automation

We analyzed the current services of the organization and suggested improvements in terms of processes. We developed a platform with small tools to automate and flag many of the gaps in the processes. Later on, the platform was extended to include Inventory, Billing, Product Bundling.