We have a consulting and implementation team for data analytic platforms. We can manage data sourced from excel files, rdbms and even SAP platforms.

Mumbai based Chemical company 

The company had a SAP iES6 mplementation. They had tie-up with one of the top 5 consuting companies. We worked with both organizations and created a data analytic system that provides graphical analytics based on SAP functiona Areas. Seperate sections were created for Sales, Production, Inventory and Finance. Each section provides ability to drill down data either using advanced filters or grahically. Reconcilations modules were provided to check with current reports.

Qatar Based Services Organization

The company deals with client data spanning multiple sources. Thet needed a platform that could collate these divirse data into a platform that could provide deep granularity. Mappings were provided at various levels to provide recognition of common properties in data. The system has the ability to learn further mappings once initial mappings are specified using a Lexicon module. Apart from Organization functions like Sales, Production, Supplier, etc. The system can also work in a module-less mode to manage data that dont fit in traditional modules.