We create all E-commerce Platforms using almost ready frameworks that include functionality for product, customer, supplier and order management. We are able to provide any customizations that are needed.

A Publication House

The Organization deals with books on numismatics and other memorabilia. We created design to match the domain and the organization colors. The website contains functionality for both physical delivery as wellas E-books. Special Customization was created for preventing downloading and sharing for e-books. Further customizations were created to manage multiple currencies , locations and shipping scenarios. 

Language Test Based Platform

This is a platform where students can register for the internaional exams. The students have the ability to select levels of the program and the complete registeration including payments takes place on the platfrom. We also customized the platforms for automatic returns, reconcialtions and voucher generation. A reporting module was created for the institute to manage the actual examinations. 

 Food Based Platform

This website has products from about 200 suppliers. By its very nature, the variations in the product was the key . We also did additional customizations including dynamic shipping prices based on demand, Handling Foreign clients, etc .